Hydro Economic Enerprise"Ibër-Lepenc" J.S.C.

Posted on date:27 August 2013

Hydro Economic Enerprise"Ibër-Lepenc" J.S.C. with HQ in Prishtina is multifunctional enterprise that supplies industry, water companies and agriculture with bulk water as well as produces power from Power Plant.

  • HE "Ibër-Lepenc" J.S.C. was established with the decision of Kosovo Assembly on 28 Ferbuary 1967, with HQ in Prishtina.
  • Enterprise was established on 1986 as social enterprise in order to operate and maintenances of this multifunctional system.
  • Construction of this system was foreseen to be done in two phases:

– IBRI ( completed on 1986 )
– LEPENCI (did not started yet)

  • After war this enterprise was transformed in to Public enterprise by UNMIK.
  • After corporatization on 01/01/2008, enterprise was transformed in to Hydro-Economic Enterprise "Ibër-Lepenc" J.S.C.
  • Enterprise is Joint Stock Company with 100% of shares belonging to Kosovo Government.